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Step into the moon's Energy and embrace your divinity.

Moon Goddess

Rituals, knowledge and power! It's all yours for the taking.


Amanda Thomson

Amanda is a qualified holistic therapist, meditation teacher, Reiki Master, spiritual life coach, and Independent Celebrant. A practising pagan and hedge witch who has used her work with the Goddess to create a happy fulfilling life.

Amanda’s passion is empowering women from all walks of life. As a former Community Development worker with a BA in Community Education from the University of Edinburgh, she has worked with many community groups and discovered a passion for working with women’s groups.

Amanda lives at home in Bathgate Scotland with her partner John and their two dogs, Ozzy a crazy springer spaniel, Archie a cute rescue beagle and their three rescue chickens. Amanda has two grown children Morgan and Cameron from her first marriage whom she loves to the moon and back and is incredibly proud of.

Amanda has been on a spiritual journey of her own for well over a decade. Having faced tough times throughout her life including homelessness, abusive relationships, depression, bulimia, grief, and more. After hitting rock bottom, she turned to her spirituality and used the tools she learned to claw her way back up while maintaining a positive outlook on life.

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